Tuesday, December 07, 2004

fighting evil

When evil is fought, evil fights back. When vice is challenged, the vicious hit back. This is the standing experience of those who dare to strike at the powerful and influential personalities engaged in foul deeds. This is the painful reward of those who dare face and defy the mighty peddlers of vices.

Those who undertake rightful stand and just action against any well-entrenched social evil are infallibly subjected to malicious attacks against their reputation, ominous threats against their safety, inclusive of attempts at their life. Human history is filled with episodes of big time crooks, gangsters and other dregs of society who furiously and resolutely fought back those who dared challenge their socially damaging rackets.

More than plain hatred for those who counter their evil works or vicious trades, it is rather their avid love for money—with the power and influence their agenda bring them—that they constantly protect. The cases in point are the so-called “drug lords” and “gambling lords”.

These “lords” amass literally billions every year. One could just imagine how powerful and influential these individuals become. With the right amount of payolas, they buy the allegiance of politicians, the preferential treatment of the judiciary, the protection of the police authority—plus the silence of some media practitioners. This is not a mean feat done by neither mean cost.

These “lords” cause and spread the social cancer of syndicated misdeeds. In the right and real sense of the word, they are first rate criminals who destroy the life and future of their victims, especially the young and the poor caught in drug and gambling addiction, respectively.

If these drug and gambling lords who are well known by many people in many places are able to continue plying their evil trades apparently without official foes or personal fear, the reason is simple: their money makes public authorities see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. Fighting them is dangerous. But is there any other legitimate option?

11 November 2002