Wednesday, December 08, 2004

evil fighting back


When one fights evil, evil infallibly fights back. No! It does not lie still and passive. No! It does not readily give up much less surrender. When men and women of good will counteract evil, evil certainly reacts to weaken their resolve by diminishing their will power, by destroying their reputation, by threatening their safety, and/or by putting strong temptations before them. One thing is certain and true: Evil is well and alive in the world. Thus it is that its misdeeds are obviously existent and spread all over the globe—our own Country included.

The truth is that evil is not an ephemeral concept, an academic item. Evil as the movant of vice and guile is a present and eminent danger to its victim, to the latter’s family and to the community he is a member of. Evil respects no person nor place, no status nor stature.

Take the advocacy of a well meaning group of persons against jueteng. This widespread gambling sucks in the money of the poor in particular. It fills the pockets of its greedy capitalists. It silences certain public officials and immobilizes many police authorities. It corrupts some elected politicians and judicial figures.

The infamously called “Jueteng Lords” who are shameless and guiltless, make dirty money their god and make others kneel before them by giving corrupting payolas to the former. They are moral dirts with sordid intentions in the furtherance of their vulgar trade in the illegal numbers game sordidly called “jueteng”.

Those who wish to play it safe, want to live serene lives and have it easy, should imitate the notorious three monkeys who see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing about anything socially evil—such as “jueteng”.

If the National Crusade against jueteng is long and tedious, it is not really because this illegal numbers game cannot be stopped. Rather, the reason lies in the evil behind its capitalists and promoters and protectors and paid allies in tri-media—plus the adamant refusal of the national leadership to openly and expressly order its stoppage once and for all.

5 May 2003