Sunday, December 05, 2004


The well published devastating phenomenon that just brought the Philippines a big havoc, much pain and immense loss is not without a clear and hard lesson. Creation is for the good of humanity. That is why humanity should protect creation for its integrity.

When man preserves nature, nature serves man in return. When people destroy the environment, the environment itself becomes destructive to people. There is an unwritten mutually beneficial relationship between man and his environment. Only if the former is its preserver, the latter is its provider.

The whole of creation, nature and environ, all have man as their continuous and sufficient beneficiary—but only if man likewise continuously and sufficiently care for and protect them from destruction through either wrong use or over exploitation.

When the soil is eroded, when the water is polluted, when plants and trees are gone, time it is then for man to go, too. This is the lesson from nature, the story of history.

In 1988, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines already issued the Pastoral Letter on ecology titled “What is Happening to our Beautiful Land?”, according to which:

“It took so long for creation to develop the delicate and fragile life-systems of our islands, and yet it takes us so short a time to waste and destroy these.

Irresponsible logging, mining, quarrying and other industries done in the name of progress and development give short lived benefits but long term destructions if not permanent loses.

Our forests are almost gone. Our rivers are more polluted. Our soil is less productive.”

Any listener at all?

9 August 1999