Saturday, December 11, 2004


There is good news—for a change!

The President himself made the expressed commitment that he would see to it that prohibited drugs would disappear from the country in due time. Considering the evil and havoc brought about by drugs in our families and communities, attending to the criminal and violent acts caused by drug intakes, it is understandable that the nation rejoices at such a declared presidential mission.

Needless to say, decent people from all walks of life wish the President success in his avowed endeavor. The rise of criminality in the country is closely tied up with the rise of the drug market. Drugs must be one of the best inventions of Satan even if only because they make the human person behave inhumanly. That is why, as a rule, heinous crimes are well associated with prohibited drugs.

The good president must already know that there are key persons authorized and commissioned to act as anti-drug agents but who seem to be drug dealers themselves. There are the proverbial bad eggs in the basket. It might be good for him to first clean the ranks of these agents before precisely assigning the agency concerned to run after drug lords and their cohorts.

Furthermore, he must already know that there is a good amount of drug money available to buy favors from all the branches of government. This is particularly true in the judiciary and in the prison system.

With the intelligence fund at his disposal, with all agencies of the executive branch at his command, and with persons of good will behind him, there is no reason why the president would not triumph in his anti-drug crusade.

In more ways than one, his success or failure in the very worthy venture will depend on how sincere, committed and steadfast he is in his head-on fight against drug. The days ahead will immediately show whether his pronouncement is really goaded with self-determination or simply self-glorification.

9 June 1999