Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Now: it is divorce. There must be something either un-Filipino in some of our legislators or something sinister in their mentation and pursuant value system. They do not want to do anything in order to make existing marriages more stable, inclusive of those to be yet contracted. Nor do they desire to properly regulate the separation of spouses by justly penalizing those proven the cause thereof. Instead, they desire to destabilize already existing marriages, and to already provide destructive “legal” remedies even prior to their actualization.

The bare truth about divorce is not only that it even blesses and rewards separated spouses with the dissolution of their marriage bond primarily to enter into other marriages. These marriages too are basically rendered infirm by the possibility of the spouses breaking their marriages one after another—for “legal” reasons.

Thus it is that even before couples enter into marriage, there is already a “legal” wedge conveniently placed therein to provide for their eventually opted absolute separation. Divorce is a legal and fatal germ that is automatically made adherent to every marriage.

That is why divorce is rightfully considered as unconstitutional. The state is categorically mandated to protect marriage—not to destroy it. Otherwise, the constitution would not only be anti-marriage, but also shamefully anti-family and anti-children.

A divorce provision is like a well loaded gun straightly aimed at the marriage bond—to shoot, cut and destroy it.

To claim that a divorce law would in fact strengthen marriage is the height of sophism, the climax of non-sense and to state that divorce is only for those who want it, so it is with drugs, prostitution, gambling.

Staying married is already hard. But continuing marriage with the availability of divorce, is making stable and vibrant conjugal life even very much harder. The hard truth is that divorce is an invitation to break marriages, to divide the children.

6 September 1999