Thursday, December 09, 2004

divine providence

The on-going self-examination and self-cleansing of the church particularly in conjunction with the members of the clergy is a sign of divine providence that accompanies her in her earthly existence in the here and now. While the church has an ultimate mission for the hereafter and beyond, she nevertheless has human members with human weakness prone to human sinfulness.

History, which is God counting time, shows that the church undergoes self-purification periodically in the course of the centuries. Just as a mirror needs cleaning every now and then in order to reflect what is real and true, so does the church require periodic cleansing when stained by the sins of her members, especially on the part of her clergy when they succumb to the temptations of the world, the flesh and/or the evil spirit.

This explains the Latin maxim that says: “Ecclesia simper reformanda”. In other words, the church may not remain stagnant, much less may it allow herself to become worse. Amend, improve, renew she must and she will.

In these days, it can be clearly seen that the maxim has come to life. What is wrong is being addressed and corrected. What is right is being affirmed and reinforced. This is wanted by God. This is expected by man. And this is now being done by and in the Church in the Philippines.

The church the world over should be grateful to the provident good Lord for watching over his Church, for extending his gentle but firm guiding hands lest she loses her way, fails in her mission, misses her destiny.

When people ask what is wrong in the Church. Answer: sin. When they inquire what must the church do. Response: reform. When the question is, can the church be saved? Reply: Yes, because her founder promised that He will be with her till the end of time.

The church is now undergoing her crucifixion. She is scheduled to have her resurrection. She must. She will.

25 January 2000