Monday, December 13, 2004


While the previous administration wallowed in open and public amorality, the present one is apparently indulging in credulity. To immediately believe the downright unbelievable or truly difficult to believe but nevertheless wants to believe it, this is imprudence. And to claim a heavenly enlightenment when this can simply come from the prodding of one’s ego—this is credulity if not lamentable self-deception.

It is disconcerting when someone said before, with all conviction and resolve, that the pursuit of a national office was definitely and categorically out of consideration, only for the same to say exactly the opposite shortly thereafter. Reason: God said so!

Man is gifted with the use of reason and the force of will by his Maker. He is surely not a robot dictated upon what to do, what to avoid. Neither is he a slave who simply does the bidding of a master. He is a free and accountable agent. Hence the prayer: “Lord, let me work as if everything depended on me. Make me pray as if everything depended on you.” Translation: God helps those who help themselves.

The claim that a former resolve and conviction had to be reversed because of a dictate of God is treading in dangerous road, walking a slippery road. This could be using the divine for merely human intents and purposes.

It was not the people who told her not to run for the Presidency. She did. It was not said that she should not aspire for the Presidential Office. She did. It was neither the people who told her to run for the Presidency. She wants to. It was not said either that she should become the President of the Country. She wants to.

Reason: According to her, God wants her to!

People has all the time to wait and see if this is truth or delusion, if this comes from God or from merely one’s design and desire. One thing is frightening: If the Good Lord wants her to be the President, woe to anybody and everybody who does not vote for her!

7 October 2003