Thursday, December 09, 2004

church in focus

The church is now the object of close attention and intense scrutiny. This is true not only on the part of those who are non-members thereof, but also and specially so on the part of the lay faithful who repose their faith, hope and love in God through his church.

And the primary reason for this distinct preoccupation is well known: the sexual misconduct of some members of the clergy. They preach what they do not do. They do exactly the opposite of what they are avowed to live by. They have become big signs of contradiction in the church.

Across the centuries, the Church has been the special and continuous target of the evil spirit. It teaches vice. She promotes virtue. It foments dissension, injustice, war. She works for harmony, justice and peace. During these days, it has the members of the clergy as its focal objective in sowing sins of the flesh. And it has somehow succeeded.

But as sure as the sun will rise after the passage of the night, the Church shall pass through these painful and embarrassing times as she always did in the past. The prophecy of her founder is infallible: the gates of hell shall not—ever—prevail against her.

The Church in the Philippines is composed of 99.96% lay faithful and but .06% of priests and sisters. When certain members of the clergy fall by the wayside, all the good priests and sisters, laymen and laywomen and young people shall certainly carry on the mission of Christ.

Truth to say: All peoples come and go. All governments pass away. All institution have their end. But the Church goes on and on and on. Reason: Christ himself said that the Church shall continue to exist with time until time there is already none.

It is now self-examination time for the church. It is now time for repentance and amendment of her erring priests. It is also now time for the laity to fervently pray for their Church.
February 2000