Monday, December 06, 2004

battle is joined

The National Crusade Against Jueteng affirms the national leadership in its clear and decided resolve to clean the country of the corrupt and corrupting illegal numbers’ game infamously called “jueteng”.

The crusade salutes the PNP for its deliberate option in making an official “Memorandum of Understanding” with the CBCP to combat such a moral evil and social cancer.

The battle is now joined.

The PNP now stands expressly committed to go after the juetengeros—the jueteng lords and their cohorts. The CBCP on the other hand is actually challenged to stand to the occasion. The jueteng capitalistas with their bountiful jueteng payolas are now served notice to engage instead in legitimate business ventures—to stop being vultures of helpless and unwary people.

Too long has jueteng fooled the poor in particular. Too much has jueteng corrupted certain public officials, police authorities and media people. Too many rotten values has jueteng planted in Philippine Society.

It is now time for jueteng to go, keep going until gone.

For public officials and police authorities to simply say “no!”—this is all it takes to stop jueteng in the whole country. This is all that the December 2003 178 awardees of the National Crusade Against Jueteng do to have their localities jueteng-free.

And there must be a legal way to collar the jueteng lords. They are known. They are rich. They are proud. They have big houses with high massive walls. They own several buildings. Some of them even engage in cover-up businesses. They ride expensive cars followed by ominous back-up vehicles. They have goons for security day and night. They make a perfect fir for “Life Style Check”. They are good materials for tax evasion cases.

9 January 2004