Monday, December 13, 2004


Vicious people use blatant means and adopt gross ways in deceiving others. Once the deception is often repeated, the deceiver himself even becomes convinced of the deception he himself authored. He then sees virtue in vice. He perceives right in wrong. And by and large, the fundamental reason behind all these falsity is the love for money, the quest for the flesh, the desire for publicity—or all of these.

Pornography is and can be anything but art. It is plain and simple prostitution made into films, recorded into pictures, translated into figures or paintings. It is a flesh market, a pound for some pesos, more pesos for more pounds. It is the buying and selling of men and women, the young and the children even. It is basically a carnal trade for carnal people with carnal design—if not downright carnal addiction.

In fact, it is not uncommon that a good number of those who patronize the pornographic industry are given their proper diagnostic pronouncements made by experts in behavioral sciences. And the diagnostics are nothing pleasant, much less flattering. This is especially so when the patronage has reached veritable and verifiable sexual addiction. In this sick stage, even animals would be ashamed of what such errant and erratic humans do to themselves and to others as well who become the targets of their irrational desire and pursuant actuation.

The truth is that drug addiction, alcohol addiction and sexual addiction all have one common denominator: the human person turns into an animal agent.

And this brings in the question how could the government even tolerate pornographic materials to invade the cinema screens, to reach publications, to be peddled in the streets—all without qualm of conscience on the part of those making business of them, and all free of decisive and effective counter-action from the public authorities.

Those who claim that pornographic materials have no effect at all their thoughts and emotions must be Martians on earth, non-members of the human race.

23 March 2001