Thursday, December 09, 2004


Adultery must really be an odious reality, a big curse of life, a very hideous human behavior. Otherwise, why would God himself dedicate no less than two commandments of the but ten he gave humankind. Furthermore, how come that the Church abhors it as a deviate human situation? Finally, how is it that even civil law has provided specific penal sanction for it? All these simply show that there is something intrinsically wrong with adulterous relationships.

The truth is that even simple folk, the common tao, the unlettered even, all frown at adultery. There is no need of wealth or education, of intelligence or sophistication to understand it. Adultery is definitely wrong and wrong it remains.

Adultery makes the adulterer think of himself more than he really is. He equates his person as equivalent to one, three, five or even more mistresses, concubines or the like. He has such a big inflated ego to feed that he feels he needs more and more women to use and exploit, more and more flesh to devour and thereafter spit it out.

Collecting women one after another, siring children here and there, knowing some of them and not even aware of the existence of others, this is the way of the great adulterer, the life of an even proud adulterer—with no sense of propriety, no perception of decency, no regard to morals, no shame to society.

But more than all the above, the more wanton adulterous relationships are sought and kept by one and the same adulterer. The money he needs and seeks or makes and even steals precisely to sufficiently fund his women, and to finance their many multi-faceted demands.

The bigger an adulterer a man becomes, the bigger liar and cheat he emerges. The more adulterous relations a man has, the more irresponsible and untrustworthy he becomes. Adultery is certainly not a small thing. It demeans people. It tramples down on marriage. It laughs at marital fidelity. It makes women sex objects for adventurism and machismo. It spits at the very the face of God.

18 February 2000