Tuesday, December 14, 2004


There must be something strange if not twisted in the thinking and values of some of our legislators. They seem to distinguish themselves not only in the effort to make some resolutions and enact certain laws basically to favor their own interests. They also appear to specialize in the endeavor to propose legislations here and there that on the other hand fatally militate against others—even the innocent and helpless unborn.

It is not enough for the country to have a law categorically providing death penalty to criminals proven guilty of heinous crimes. It is neither enough that we now have a law also imposing death penalty even to young people found guilty of big crimes. There is now a bill even advocating death penalty for children yet to be born. Deaths seem to bring delight and glee to some of our legislators. It is good that their mothers did not do what they would now like other mothers to do to their unborn children: get rid of them! Abort them! Kill them! This is the bare nature and plain significance of abortion which even animals do not do to their own unborn.

Abortion makes the mother’s womb a death chamber instead of the sanctuary of life. Abortion makes the innocent, guilty. It finds the helpless, useless. It gives no time for birth, no chance for living. One then wonders how inhuman can man become. And one then asks if abortion is not itself a heinous crime.

Killing the unwanted unborn due to social shame, on account of physical deformity and other personal liabilities, do not the least make the baby guilty of death penalty through his or her deliberate abortion. Mothers are tasked by nature to protect and defend her children, specially the unborn as these are the most vulnerable. Physicians on the other hand have the mission given by their profession to save life. In abortion, all these are categorically reversed: Mothers and physicians both become killers, murderers. This is precisely why the fundamental law of the land provides for the protection of the life of the unborn from the moment of conception.

8 September 1999