Wednesday, December 08, 2004

abolish PAGCOR

Only the gullible would believe that there is no corruption in PAGCOR. Gambling is vice. Vice funds PAGCOR. Its nature and foundation being a vice, it is a practical impossibility for PAGCOR to be morally operated and virtuously managed. To claim otherwise would be to stretch credibility beyond its reasonable limit.

During the dictatorial regime, there was but one casino. And that single place of gambling was but a boat. And this boat is even launched far from the shore. Hence, that supposedly very corrupt regime knew only too well that gambling breed corruption. And the bigger the gambling, the bigger too is the corruption endemic thereto.

Now, gambling has become one big dubious industry. It has grown into a corporation. And it even attempts to hide its true self through a vainly assumed title not only as an “amusement” but also a “gaming” entity (“Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation”) instead of what it really is, viz., Philippine Gambling Corporation. And one can only wonder what is amusing about gambling?

If casinos are places of honesty and integrity, why is it that even the government that owns and runs PAGCOR expressly forbids public officials from frequenting the place for “amusement” and games? This categorical prohibition is a loud admission that gambling is anything but good and honorable.

If casinos are such innocent and respectable places, why is it that fortunes are miserably lost therein? Why is it that jewelries and cars, even houses and lands are shamelessly pawned thereat? Why it is that big and known loan sharks plus shadowy characters are standing thereby—in all casinos and at all times?

One is very strongly tempted to say “Tell it to the marines!” when some though really few individuals ardently defend or highly commend PAGCOR. Even if one repeats the lie a thousand and one times that PAGCOR is good, noble, praiseworthy etc. etc., he will still fail to make himself believe that his lie is truth. Even elementary conscience shouts that gambling is evil.

21 September 2003