Saturday, December 11, 2004

abolish PAGCOR, please!

The arguments against the continued management and operation of PAGCOR have become stronger and clearer. Its minuscule so called social objective is pitiful compared to the havoc and shame it brings the country.

PAGCOR does not enrich the nation, does not generate wealth for the country. Instead, it simply impoverishes its own so called “patrons”, “clients” or “customers”, feeds on their gullibility, sucks in their money, leaves them bitter, angry and lost.

PAGCOR breeds graft and corruption when it rakes in millions from otherwise decent and honest private employees and public officials. It avidly promotes the vice of indolence in place of industry and toil. It foments the mentality of chance, the vice of greed and avarice. It sells the “get rich quick” idea but turns this instead to a quick big lose reality for the gullible and simpleton.

PAGCOR distributes its dirty earnings among “official” recipients as well as “personal” beneficiaries. It throws financial crumbs to charity but only to deodorize its moral stink. It attempts to justify itself by assuming religious concerns, by welcoming sectarian beggars.

The government needs money. That is why there is the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Bureau of Customs and other public earning entities. But for the government to have more money by officially providing big time gambling for its citizens and visitors alike, smacks of desperation and exhibits bankruptcy of ethics.

And to think that the government is not known for honesty in the handling of public funds, and neither famous for integrity in regulating its expenditures, PAGCOR as an official gambling corporation further erodes the already sagging image of the government particularly in the matter of the use of public funds.

Abolish PAGCOR. Promote work ethic. Foment industry.

25 October 2000